• JACK & CHARITY WATKINS (lead pastors)

    Jack & Charity Watkins serve as lead pastors of The Bridge since August of 2015. They have been married since 2003 and have two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Ava. They've served in youth, children's, worship, state denominational leadership, and senior pastorate since beginning their ministry together in 2003.

    Pastor Jack studied theology at Lee university in Cleveland Tennessee and with almost two decades of vocational ministry, provides a solid foundation for senior pastorate The Bridge Church in Portland Oregon. 

    The basis for their ministry comes from a heart for relationship and "doing life together". Their driving force behind the vision for ministry at the Bridge is  focused on relationship based on the example of Jesus. 



  • RYAN WATKINS (CARE pastor)

    Pastor Ryan came on the Bridge Leadership Team in September of 2015 when he moved with his family to Portland from Costa Mesa. Pastor Ryan has his bachelors in pastoral studies from Life Pacific Bible College and brings next level leadership to the table. Most importantly, Ryan's heart for people and ministry is second to none and we're blessed to have him and his wonderful bride on our team. 


  • BREANNA EXUM (executive assistant)

    Breanna has been apart of the Bridge since the beginning. Breanna graduated with her Masters in education and is usually the smartest person in the room. More importantly, Breanna has a giant heart for Jesus and people. A perfect mixture for someone to lead our littles and that's exactly what she does. Breanna serves as the Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastors as well as nursery director for the Bridge Kids ministries and we couldn't be happier to have her apart of our team. 


  • Cassie Rodriguez (worship director)

    Cassie came to the Bridge from Eastern Washington in at the beginning of 2019 to help take our worship ministry to the next level. Cassie is not only a highly talented and gifted vocalist, musician, and leader, but her ability to lead others into the presence of God is second to none. 

    If you'd like to get involved in the worship ministry of the Bridge, contact Cassie and get signed up for an audition. 


  • josh rodriguez (next-gen director)

    If you wanna feel better about yourself, and if you need a boost in joy, spend a few minutes with Josh Rodriguez. You'd be hard pressed to find a better man, more passionate person, or anyone with a deeper desire to see people find Jesus than Josh. Josh not only serves as a vital part of our worship ministry with his wife Cassie, but he also oversees our entire youth department from nursery all the way to young adults. 


  • JESSE & JOHANNA MILLER (high school ministries directors)

    Jesse & Johanna stepped on the Bridge Team to help us launch our high school ministries into another level in 2017. We believe God has big things in store for the younger generation and we are focused on investing in them. If you have teenagers looking for a way to connect, Chosen Student Ministries is where it's at. 



  • DEIDRA WATKINS (kids ministries director)

    Miss Deidra came on the Bridge leadership team with her hubby, Pastor Ryan, in September of 2015. Deidra is extremely talented in so many areas but she excels in her ability to connect with kiddos. She has a way of getting on their level but doesn't speak down to them. She has an ability to make each kiddo understand how important they are, and because of that, is able to teach each of them about Jesus and brings the stories in the Bible to life. 

    Every Sunday morning downstairs in the youth center, our kiddos are immersed in a fun, fast paced, Jesus filled environment where they experience worship on their own terms and a fun filled teaching experience of the word of God. 


  • JEN SWANEY (connections director)

    When you come to the Bridge on a Sunday morning, you're going to encounter the amazingness that is Jen Swaney. God specifically designed this woman to make people smile. She is one of the most genuinely kind and enjoyable people to be around and we're thankful she leads our Connections Team. From the moment you get out of your car until you leave, her mission is to help make your experience easy, enjoyable, and help connect you with others. 


  • Julie sarmiento (Communications director)

    Julie joined the Bridge staff Summer of 2018 as our communications director to help us better communicate the mission and message of Jesus through social media channels as well as direct publications to the community. 


  • Jason & jayme palosaari (recoverme directors)

    In January of 2018 we were so excited to launch our brand new recovery ministry to those that are dealing with addiction and abuse. This amazing ministry is helping people find freedom through amazing biblically based curriculum. Recoverme meets on Thursday nights at 6:30pm and for more information, contact Jason & Jayme Palosaari. 



  • jayme palosaari (prayer ministries director)

    In addition to Jayme leading the recovery ministries at the Bridge with her husband Jason, Jayme serves as the Prayer Ministries Director. We are a church that believes prayer is a front lines ministry... We believe it's a first line of defense NOT a last ditch effort. 

    For prayer requests or praise reports, please contact Jayme today. 


  • caleb idlett

    Caleb is a real OG. Caleb has been a vital and committed member of the Bridge staff since the beginning. Loyal, passionate, and hard working is only a few of the characteristics used to describe this amazing man of God and were honored to serve along side Caleb. 



    Cameron came onto the Dream Team in 2019 and immediately became an important part of our family here at The Bridge. Cameron immediately began serving in any area where a need was but then we identified strengths and now Cameron serves as our Online Campus Director. 


  • Geoff Landes

    Geoff is a true OG. Geoff & his family moved to Portland from New York in the 80's to serve in this church on the pastoral staff and served faithfully in various pastoral capacities until 2016 when deciding to take a breather. Now Geoff is continuing in a life of faithfulness and service to the kingdom by serving as Growth Track Director. 



    Ricky felt the call of God to move from his home in Tennessee to join us at The Bridge on our journey to winning Portland for Jesus. He made the trek across country in 2019 and immediately jumped in with both feet and serves as the Sunday Production Director. 


  • Kristle Delihanty

    Kristle is an absolute rock star. Not only does she have the most amazing testimony of God's love and grace but wastes no time in serving EVERYONE. She launched an amazing ministry which feeds the hungry, helps the hurting, and gives hope to the hopeless by director our Outreach ministry, PDX Saints.



    Will comes to us all the way from Arizona. He has been a big part of our family here at the Bridge since day one and has served in various capacities. At the beginning of 2020 we asked Will to make the jump over to the business side of our church and now Will serves as the Director of Church Operations.