Will you let them be missed?

If we are a church that believes anyone can come as they are, and if we are a church that believes that Jesus is for everyone, and if we are a church that wants people to be able to plug into a community that will support them in their walk with God, then how can we let someone come to our church and leave without anyone ever speaking a word to them? 

It happens more often than most would think in churches all over. The bridge is passionate about not letting that happen here in our community. We want every guest to feel cared for, informed, and at ease so that they may encounter Christ with the least amount of distractions possible. So that they might become a member of our church family. That what they experience at our church may impact their homes, their work, their family, and their friends.

But we absolutely cannot do this alone. We need people every week ready to engage sincerely and love generously. We need YOU.

Please e-mail Jennifer at jen@thebridgepdx.com if you are interested in serving in CONNECTIONS.